About Bilbreys


Bilbrey Funeral Home, Inc. is a family owned business. In 1913 “K. L.” Bilbrey was a co-founder of Bilbrey’s Hardware and Furniture Company located on Main Street in downtown Crossville, TN. This was to be a fore-runner of Bilbrey Funeral Home.

In 1917, Italy “H. I.” Bilbrey, K. L.’s brother joined the Bilbrey’s business. In conjuction with the hardware and furniture business Bilbrey’s was a supplier of store – bought caskets, casket hardware and other casket accessories.

It has been said that during the flu epidemic of 1919 that Bilbrey’s actually delivered caskets to the homes of the deceased to assist the families in their time of need.

In 1920, “K. L.” Bilbrey and his family left Crossville and Italy Bilbrey and his wife Mary took over the operation of the business for many years.

In 1938, Lewis H. Bohannon became licensed by the State of Tennessee as a Funeral Director and Embalmer. Also, this was the year that he married Mildred Bilbrey the daughter of K. L. Bilbrey. After serving in the United States Navy during World War II Lewis Bohannon became a partner in the Bilbrey business. In this time frame the funeral home business was re-located to it’s present location on East Adams Street in Crossville.

A note of interest; between the years of 1938 and 1971 Bilbrey’s offered an ambulance service to the Cumberland County area. This was prior to the local county government establishing the Cumberland County Ambulance Service.

In the 1960’s, Lewis Bohannon recoginzed a need for a cemetery that could serve the needs of a steady to fast growing community. As a result, he was instrumental in estabilishing Green Acres Memory Gardens located on U. S. Hwy. 127 approximately 1/2 mile north of the Crossville, TN city limits. Green Acres Memory Gardens is now owned and managed by Thomas & Thomas, LLC in Livingston, TN (931) 823-2550).

In 1980, Frank Bilbrey Bohannon, the son of Lewis Bohannon and Mildred Bilbrey Bohannon, returned home from the U. S. Air Force to assist his father in the funeral home business. Frank became a State of Tennessee licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer.

Upon the death of Lewis Bohannon, Frank Bilbrey Bohannon became the Manager of the family owned Bilbrey Funeral Home, Inc. and still remains in that position.

Bilbrey Funeral Home, Inc. continues to carry on the tradition of quality service to the families of the Cumberland County area as was estabilished almost a century ago by the founders of Bilbrey’s.

The facilities and parking areas of Bilbrey Funeral Home, Inc. have continually been expanded and improved in order to meet the ever growing needs of the population of this area. Today these facilities and parking encompasses one and one-half city blocks at 76 East Adams Street in the City of Crossville.

Bilbrey Funeral Home, Inc. is a full service funeral home providing for the needs of the families that we serve. This includes traditional funeral services as well as cremation service and/or other services that may be desired or needed for the care of your loved ones.

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